Never Forget A Name Again

Import all your contacts from your email, Facebook, and LinkedIn and we'll send you a daily quiz to help you commit names to your long term memory.

Nombre is the fastest and most efficient way to memorize hundreds of names with ease.

How Nombre Works

Import your contacts

Add names manually or automatically import your contacts from LinkedIn.

Commit names to memory

Proactively learn hundreds of people's names through weekly quizzes.

Search names fast

Forget someone's name? Look it up fast on the go with a text message.

The Science Behind Nombre

Neural Network

Attach notes to a name to build associations in your memory. If you forgot a name, you can look it up by any piece of information you remember about the person.

Spaced repetition

Nombre utilizes the most efficient learning technique called spaced repetition and automatically increases time intervals between each review of a person’s name.


Names are hard to remember because they're abstract. Nombre translates names into memorable pictures and takes advantage of your brain’s natural ability to remember images.
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